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ACTION ALERT: Urge President Biden to Protect Sáttítla Medicine Lake Highlands

Protecting California's lands means protecting our water too.

The Pit River peoples maintain deep respect and cultural ties to the sacred Sáttítla Medicine Lake Highlands and the intricate network of aquifers beneath the surface that play a vital role in sustaining life. The current battle for preservation transcends Indigenous heritage and the future of Indigenous cultural traditions - it also embodies the quest for a sustainable water legacy that will quench the thirst of our people and all of California for generations to come.

As we take pause to acknowledge World Water Day, may we be reminded of the critical and life-sustaining waters that are fed and nourished by our nation's public lands, including Sáttítla Medicine Lake Highlands. 

Protecting Sáttítla Medicine Lake Highlands as a national monument would not only safeguard our cultural heritage, but also the water supply for communities downstream. 

A Major Source of Water For California 

The aquifers beneath the surface of the Medicine Lake Highlands were formed by volcanic activity and capture rain and snow melt, storing as much water as California's 200 largest surface reservoirs combined

The water from these underground aquifers resurfaces in places like Fall River Springs, the largest spring in California and one of the largest in the nation. From there, these waters sustain world-class trout fisheries, irrigate agricultural fields, and quench the thirst of millions of people in cities to the south, including San Francisco. Preserving Sáttítla is not just about protecting a localized water source like the Medicine Lakes; it is about ensuring the well-being of communities downstream. 

The Threat of Destructive Energy Development

For years, Sáttítla has faced the imminent danger of large-scale geothermal energy development. This poses a significant risk not only to our spiritual sanctuary but also to the survival of communities and wildlife near and far. 

The potential destruction of this land would disrupt the delicate balance of the aquifers and water tributaries in the area. It is crucial that decisive action is taken to protect Sáttítla from destructive development. The urgency of this moment cannot be overstated.

​The Call for a National Monument 

​Despite the unique, sacred, and life-sustaining resources of Sáttítla, this area still lacks the protection it deserves. The Pit River Nation and our allies have been fighting to conserve this special place for decades and we want to ensure that our children and all future generations do not have to continue this fight. To protect our cultural heritage and our water, the Pit River Nation has asked for monument protections for approximately 200,000 acres in the Shasta-Trinity, Klamath, and Modoc National Forests on lands managed by the US Forest Service. 

Add your name to the growing list of support for the preservation and the call for decisive action to protect Sáttítla as a national monument.

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