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Donate to EPIC

EPIC gratefully accepts monetary donations made by credit card, check, cash, and money order, as well as stock donations, legacy gifts, and All Access Rewards from Ray's Food Place and Shop Smart.

  • EPIC Supporter: Every donation makes a difference, no matter the size

  • EPIC Member: $50 will help keep our rent paid and our power on

  • Sustaining Member$100 will ensure our staff has the capacity to monitor projects and engage in the public process

  • Community Pillar: $500 or more will ensure that EPIC has the resources to participate in public events, attend important hearings and, if all else fails, file lawsuits to protect forests and wildlife

Mail checks, cash, and money orders to:

Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)

145 G Street, Suite A

Arcata, CA 95521

Donate online with your credit card:

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