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EPIC needs your support to protect forest ecosystems and the wildlife that depend on them.


EPIC Membership: $50 will help keep our rent paid and our power on

Sustaining Member$100 will ensure our staff has the capacity to monitor projects and engage in the public process

Community Pillar: $500 or more will ensure that EPIC has the resources to participate in public events, attend important hearings and, if all else fails, file lawsuits to protect forests and wildlife

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Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)

145 G St., Suite A

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More Ways to Support:

EPIC needs you to help us protect our Northern California bioregion and the many life forms that call it home.  We work in many different program areas including public landsindustrial forestry reformbiodiversity protection, and returning to a natural cycle of wildfire.  We need volunteersinterns and members to work on these issues and educate our communities throughout the bioregion.

There are a number of ways you can get involved!