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Listen to the Green Gang's weekly EcoNews Report on KHUM (104.3 and 104.7 FM) on Saturdays at 10am, as well as on the Lost Coast Outpost, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.


In the Archives

January 10, 2023 – KMUD Environment Show – Changes in solar pricing in California for home solar, disaster response effort with recent earthquakes and storms, PG&E's attempts to cut a tree with a historic bald eagle nest


March 2019 – KPFA Terra Verde – Defending North Coast Forests

March 2019 – KHSU Econews Report – New Wind Turbines Near Scotia?

February 12, 2019 – KMUD Environment Show – NCRLT Conservation Easement Sproul Creek and Elk River


January 10, 2019 – KHSU Econews – Mark Andre on the Natural Resources of Humboldt


December 13, 2018 – KHSU Econews – Shasta Damn Raise and Shasta Salamanders Conservation 


October 11, 2018 – KHSU Econews – The Return of the East West Railroad 


September 5, 2018 – KHSU Thursday Night Talk – Is the Timber War Over?


June 15, 2018 – KHSU Econews – How do we Design the Plaza for the People


March 8, 2018 – KHSU Econews – How do we Make the Redwoods More Inclusive?  


February 8, 2018 – KHSU Econews – Humboldt’s Most Elusive Critter


November 9, 2017 – KHSU Econews – Major Changes in Store for Eureka?


October 26, 2017 – KHSU Econews – Designing the Plaza for People?


October 4, 2017 – KHSU Econews – Does this Leaked Memo Threaten the Siskiyous?


April 13, 2017 – KHSU Econews – The Redwood Wars


April 12, 2017 – KHSU – Tom Wheeler Interviews Congressman Jared Huffman


March 16, 2017 – KHSU Econews – Trinity County Rejects Rail Study


March 9, 2017 – EPIC’s Tom Wheeler interviews Andrea Rodgers, Staff Attorney of Our Children’s Trust who is bringing litigation to force state and federal governments to take climate change seriously.


February 10, 2017 – KHSU Econews – California Wolves Then and Now


KMUD News – EPIC presents at 2016 Coast Redwood Forest Symposium


August 11, 2016 – Cannabis Compliance Panel – Natalynne DeLapp, Steve Lazar and Adona White discuss cannabis compliance PART 1 + PART 2


July 26, 2016 – KMUD Environment Show – Michael Evenson, Rob DiPerna and Tom Wheeler discuss the Humboldt marten, its old growth habitat and local industrial logging practices.


June 30, 2016 – Tom Wheeler of EPIC interviews Jennifer Catsos and other guests about the Watershed Stewards program and watershed restoration.


June 14, 2016 – KMUD Environment Show – Rob DiPerna joined by Jeff Denney Joanna DiTomasso & Susan Doniger, discusses redwood parks & reserves, environmental advocacy and education.


March 31, 2016 – Tom Wheeler, Craig Tucker and Lief Hillman discuss the impacts of the Klamath National Forest’s proposed Westside Project and the lawsuit that is being filed against KNF.


February 25, 2016 – Natalynne DeLapp and Dave Feral discuss Cannabis Compliance Workshops (skip to 17:39).


December 3, 2015 – Tom Wheeler & Rob DiPerna discuss spotted owl protection.


December 2, 2015 – The Soul of California Part 2 EPIC’s Rob DiPerna discusses the split in the community between those favouring logging and those against it. He details the Headwaters “deal” reached between the US government and Maxxam and its consequences.


November 20, 2015 The Soul of California Part 1 EPIC’s Rob DiPerna provides an introduction and thorough overview of logging issues in Humboldt County, particularly the Headwaters Project, which saw the Houston-based investor Maxxam hostilely acquire long-established local company Pacific Lumber in 1985.


October 13, 2015 – EPIC’s Nataynne DeLapp discusses Humboldt County’s cannabis ordinance and the planning and permitting process.


November 10, 2015 – EPIC’s Rob DiPerna discusses restoration forestry in the Redwood Region. Rob interviewed Jason Teraoka, Forster for Redwood National Park, Ben Bloom, BLM Manager for the Headwaters Reserve, and Lathrop Leonard, Forester for California State Parks, who manages restoration forestry activities in the Mill Creek Addition in Del Norte, and Humboldt Redwoods State Park.


September 22, 2015 – EPIC’s Natalynne DeLapp hosts Betty Ball to talk about historical activism in the North Coast including the Judy Barry bombing and Redwood Summer.


September 17, 2015 -KHSU Thursday Night Talk. Rob DiPerna talks with Elk River resident Kisti Wrigley regarding the state of the Elk River watershed.


August 25, 2015 – KMUD Environment Show Natalynne Hosts CRTP Director Colin Fisk regarding various Caltrans projects on the North Coast.


August 11, 2015 – EPIC’s Rob DiPerna hosts the KMUD Environment Show. Topics include the Mendocino Central Coast Waste Transfer Station project, a recap of the Fish and Game Commission hearing and an update on the

Westside project.


May 28, 2015 – KHSU Thursday Night Talk host Erick Kirk interviews Natalynne DeLapp about Last Chance Grade and other transportation projects on the North Coast.


May 25, 2015 – KMUD Environment Show host Natalynne DeLapp discusses transportation, the environment and quality of life on the North Coast. 


May 13, 2014 – KMUD News interviews Rob DiPerna about forest biomass and the HSU research grant.


May 1, 2014 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews James Balog, from Extreme Ice Survey, a team of climate specialists that created Chasing Ice, a film that uses scientific data and time lapsed images of receding glaciers to bring awareness to the global climate change crisis.


March 21, 2014 – KPFA Terra Verde features Gary Graham Hughes discussing cannabis agriculture and trespass grows issues.


February 22, 2014 – KMUD News features EPIC’s Rob Diperna, who provides an update of the review process for listing the Northern Spotted Owl under the California Endangered Species Act.


February 17, 2014 – KMUD Monday Morning Magazine Features a discussion with Gary Graham Hughes and Darryl Cherney about the Anti-rat poison campaign fundraiser.


January 28, 2014 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews delegation of native youth and river activists from the Klamath Basin that will be traveling to Brazil to protest the Belo Monte Dam that is being proposed on the Amazon River. (Skip to 20:30 to listen to show)


January 24, 2014 – Rob Diperna is interviewed regarding newly proposed Northern Spotted rules in a KMUD news piece called “Logging companies say newly proposed Northern Spotted Owl rules are worse than redundant”

December 26, 2013 – KHSU Econews Report hosted by Gary Graham Hughes features discussion with Pete Frost from WELC about the importance of defending our public lands, and the initiative to reform fish hatchery management on North Coast rivers.


November 26, 2013 – Guest Dan Bacher discusses California water politics and EPIC’s Development Director Natalynne Delapp discusses a culture of philanthropy promoting ‘Giving Tuesday’


October 28, 2013 – KMUD News interviews EPIC’s Rob Diperna about Green Diamond’s FSC Certification Scheme.


September 29, 2013 – Jefferson Public Radio – Gary Graham Hughes discusses Caltrans’ shenanigans on the Smith River: Wild And Scenic vs. Straighter and Faster: Smith River & Highways


September 24, 2013 – KMUD Environment Show features an interview with James Martin from Rios Libres, the producer of Streams of Consequence, which will be featured at the September 26th Wild and Scenic Film Festival and Jessica Hall from Baykeeper discussing Humboldt Bay and Caltrans.


July 30, 2013 – KMUD News interviews Rob DiPerna about Barred Owl Experimental Eradication Environmental Impact Statement.


July 18, 2013 – KMUD News interview with Rob DiPerna discussing strategies for how to protect forests surrounding Strawberry Rock that are targeted in Green Diamond’s Timber Harvest Plans.


July 15, 2013 – KMUD News interview with Kimberly Baker discussing Northern California wolves. 


July 15, 2013 – Monday Morning Magazine hosted by Gary Graham Hughes features Jack Gescheidt, of the TreeSpirit Project in which Jack describes photo shoots that he has organized at Richardson Grove, Willits Bypass and Strawberry Rock in a unique blend of art and activism.


June 25, 2013 – KMUD Environment Show highlights upcoming Water Rights Education Forum and a discussion about California Water Politics. 


May 28, 2013 – EPIC staff Rob DiPerna and Kimberly Baker spoke of their efforts in the EPIC Industrial Forestry Reform and Public Lands Programs, and Don Gillespie from Friends of Del Norte discussed the need to protect our region from the never ending highway construction agenda of Caltrans.


May 23, 2013 – KMUD News features Andrew Orahoske advocating for increased protections for Marbled Murrelet on industrial forest lands.


April 18, 2013 – KMUD News features an interview with EPIC’s Kimberly Baker about grazing on public lands in Trinity County.


March 26, 2013 – Andrew Orahoske interviews Warbler from Little Lake Valley.  Andrew is joined by Hezekiah from the EPIC Board and EPIC staff members Rob Diperna & Natalynne DeLapp. 


March 22, 2013 – KMUD News features an interview with EPIC’s Andrew Orahoske about how logging road sediment Supreme Court decision supports EPA.


February 26, 2013 – Jessica Hall of Humboldt Baykeeper discusses key issues with the Mad River watershed and interviews EPIC’s Andrew Orahoske and David Feral from Mad River Alliance.


February 26, 2013 – Andrew Orahoske interviews Richard Geinger about the Pisces Party, Kimberly Baker about public lands, and Rob Diperna about industrial forestry issues.  Then Andrew is  joined by Warbler, Jaime and Will from the Save our Little Lake Valley nonviolent civil disobedience movement presently taking on Caltrans over the Willits Bypass.


January 22, 2013 – Gary Graham Hughes discusses issues and challenges of sustainable living on the north coast looking into 2013 and the work EPIC will advocate for with regard to managing our ecosystems on the northcoast.


November 27, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Aruna Prabhala from CBD about the legal challenge to the Willits Bypass Project ,and Kimberly Baker regarding old-growth logging on Public Lands


November 1, 2012-  Gary Graham Hughes interviews Don Gillespie about the impacts of the  197/199 highway widening project along the Smith River.


October 23, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Rick Klein, Simpervirens Award Winner and Don Gillespe regarding Caltrans’ proposed project on the Smith River 


October 22, 2012 – Dian Griffith, Richard Geinger and Dennis Huber Discuss EPIC Highlights from the Last 35 Years


September 25, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Colin Shepherd of the Schatz Energy Research Center about the renewable energy plan for Humboldt County, and Bobby Shearer and Tyrone Hayes about the Biodiversity Conference


August 28, 2012 – Andrew Orahoske interviews Hezekiah Allen, Richard Geinger & Tasha McKee of Sanctuary Forest about how clearcut logging has impacted watersheds and water supplies throughout the region


August 2, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Ellen Drell from the Willits Environmental Center about the Willits bypass project


July 24 ,2012 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Regina Chichizola of the Hoopa Tribe about the Trinity and Klamath Rivers and discusses the Chunnel  that is propoped by Governor Brown for the Bay Delta


June 26, 2012 – Andrew Orahoske interviews Kimberly Baker, Rob Diperna and Dominick  DellaSala from the Geos Institute about conservation strategies for the Northern Spotted Owl


May 31 , 2012- Gary Graham Hughes interviews Andrew Orahoske & Kimberly Baker of EPIC about Public Lands issues


May 22, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Ellen and David Drell from the Willits Environmental Center about the Willits Bypass Project that is proposed by Caltrans


April 24, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes and Andrew Orahoske discuss conservation advocacy work and the importance of community radio 


March 29, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Kelly Fuller, Wind Coordinator with the American Bird Conservancy, about wind power


March 27, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Gary Giusti of the UC Cooperative Exchange with guest host Covelo resident Cory Miller about the environmental impacts of industrial cannabis cultivation on public lands


February 28, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews John Bonine from the University of Oregon Law School about the critical role of public interest law in an active democracy. And Richard Geinger discusses industrial forestry reform


February 2, 2012 – Gary Graham Huges interviews Tyce Fraser on the impacts of marijuana cultivation


January 29, 2012 – Gary Graham Hughes and Kimberly Baker  discuss EPIC’s public land advocacy work and the natural cycle of wildfire, and Andrew Orahoske takes a look at HSU’s student chapter Society for Conservation Biology. 


January 24, 2012  – Gary Graham Hughes discusses the Caltrans highway widening proposal for Richardson Grove State Park,  and speaks with EPIC’s Andrew Orahoske about the wolf that has moved into California


December 27, 2011 Richard Geinger interviews Andrew Orahoske, EPIC Conservation Director about EPIC’s current and historical role on the Northcoast


August 1, 2013 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Kate Ross, campaign coordinator for International Rivers about how hydroelectric projects affect the environment and cultures throughout the world.


April 30, 2013 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Don Gillespie from Friends of Delnorte about environmental threats in Del Norte County.


December 1, 2011 – Gary Graham Hughes interviews Aaron Sanger of Forest Ethics on SFI greenwashing


May 5, 2011 – Scott Greacen of Friends of the Eel River interviews Andrew Orahoske of EPIC regarding new Forest Practice Rules.

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