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EPIC Merchandise

Browse sweatshirts, t-shirts, water bottles, hats, and stickers with unique, nature-inspired designs by local artists Matt Beard, Fiona Bearclaw, Skye Henterly, and Pen + Pine! All proceeds support EPIC's advocacy for Northwest California's forests, rivers, and wildlife.

Orders may be picked up at the EPIC office in Arcata, CA by appointment, or mailed directly to you with a small additional shipping fee. You will receive an automated confirmation email upon placing an order. If you opt to pick up your order locally, wait for a direct message from or email to schedule your pickup. If you opt for shipping, we will try to mail your order within 5 business days, upon which you will receive a shipping confirmation email.

Thank you for supporting EPIC! If you have any questions, please email or call 707-822-7711.

Hoodie Sweatshirts


Water Bottles, Hats & Stickers


Celebrating the Humboldt Marten

Our "Humboldt marten" collection celebrates the 2018 listing of the Humboldt marten as threatened under the California Endangered Species Act with an incredible Humboldt marten woodblock design by PNW artist Fiona Bearclaw printed on t-shirts and zip-up hoodies.

Humboldt martens are an elusive, cat-sized member of the weasel family. Once common in coastal forests in northern California and southern Oregon, martens were decimated by unchecked trapping and logging of its habitat. Today, fewer than 400 of these fascinating carnivores remain in four highly isolated fragments of the species’ historic habitat.


The Only Dams We Need

Our "Only Dams We Need" collection celebrates the North American beaver with a rad design by local Humboldt artist Skye Henterly printed on t-shirts, zip-up hoodies, and hats. 

Native to California, the North American beaver co-evolved with a huge diversity of flora and fauna, developing unique and complex interwoven relationships. As dam builders and ecosystem engineers, beavers create, modify, and maintain habitats and ecosystems, greatly benefitting biodiversity. The modern absence of beavers from much of their historic range on the West Coast due to trapping, habitat loss, and human conflict  harms all related species. 

EPIC Illustration Pen+Pine.png

Forest Family

Our "Forest Family" collection from 2023 celebrates all of the species that make up the beautiful, unique ecosystems of Northwest California that EPIC works to protect with a beautiful design by local Humboldt illustrator Pen + Pine printed on pullover hoodies and water bottles.

Featured in the intricate design are some incredible plant and animal members of our forest family: gray wolf, Humboldt marten, northern spotted owl, rough-skinned newt, coast redwood, California poppy, sword fern, and salal.


Speak for the Trees

Our "Speak for the Trees" sticker by Matt Beard is a loose homage to Dr. Seuss' Lorax declaring, "I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues."

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