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"Getting to 30x30" StoryMap

The Power in Nature Coalition, of which EPIC is a part, has released an ArcGIS StoryMap showcasing the 30 x 30 project priorities to protect 30% of California's lands and coastal waters by 2030. The StoryMap is divided into nine regions representing all of the regional groups within the statewide coalition. Of the 83 projects on the story map, our Far Northern region has eleven projects. Each project features a description containing acreage, organizations involved, historical context, and a photo of said project. The projects selected by the Coalition are focused on biodiversity, climate resilience, tribal coordination, and equity/access.

Projects highlighted on the StoryMap for our Far Northern region include the Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF), Lake Earl, Rainbow Ridge, Potter Valley Project Dams Removal / Eel River Restoration, and Molok Luyuk (Walker Ridge). This StoryMap is a living tool that will be adjusted and added to as projects are completed and more come to fruition.

Check out the “Getting to 30 x 30” StoryMap here!


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