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Direct Message to Motorists: Richardson Grove Threatened

Updated: Mar 21, 2023


EPIC and our allies look forward to hosting a public forum in February on the issue and will host a number of activities before the final Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Assessment publication, expected at the beginning of March. Once the final proposal is released, the agency has indicated it will not accept further comment on the plan. Charlie Fielder, Director of District 1 Caltrans, reported to EPIC that planners have made major changes to the original proposal. Last week Humboldt Supervisors Mark Lovelace and Cliff Clendenen attended a private tour of the proposed changes within the grove. These changes have not been made public and local southern Humboldt media coverage shocked even those close to the issue.

Stay tuned! Sign up on EPIC’s Save Richardson Grove Listserv here. You can donate to EPIC’s Richardson Grove campaign here.

We hope you enjoy the billboard.

EPIC wants to offer special thanks to all of the volunteers that made this project possible, including Aliana Knapp-Prasek, Jefferson, Bob Slayton, Bruce Edwards, Barbara Kennedy and local sponsoring businesses who supplied the materials.


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