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Action Alert: Ask The Mendocino Board of Supervisors To Vote For JDSF Resolution!

On Monday, the Mendocino Board of Supervisors will vote on a resolution that calls for a reconsideration of the management objectives of the Jackson Demonstration State Forest. The resolution, sponsored by Supervisors Ted Williams and Dan Gjerde, recognizes that in this time defined by rapid and accelerating climate change the Jackson can and should be managed differently to sequester and store carbon in the forest, protect wildlife, safeguard rural communities against wildfire, and ensure clean water. This is BIG. You can read the full resolution here.

What the Board is asking for—that science guides forest management, not timber profit—seems obvious but Calfire has thumbed its nose at the community and has continued to plough forward with timber sales on the Jackson despite widespread opposition. The Board’s resolution won’t change management overnight but it will be an important chapter in the campaign to protect the Jackson State Forest from continued commercial timber harvest.

We need your help. The timber industry is going to turn out in force. We need to be louder. We need you to take action.

First, click below to send the Board of Supervisors an email thanking them for putting this item on the agenda and urging its passage.

Second, we need to pack the (digital) house. The Board is meeting at 9am on Monday, November 15. If you can, please make a live comment urging the passage of the resolution. To do so, you must register for a time slot here (we are item #4a). Then, listen to the Board meeting here or here. Once you hear the request for public comment or the beginning of the specific agenda item, call in using the information emailed to you. You will be placed on hold until it is your turn to speak.

Busy on Monday morning? You can also leave a voicemail message that will be played during the meeting. Call 707-234-6333 and leave a voice message, up to 3 minutes in length, to be played during public expression/public comment, as it relates to the agenda. Speak clearly, being sure to leave your full name and state that you are calling in favor of item 4a: science-based management of Jackson Demonstration State Forest. Anonymous phone messages will not be played back during the meeting


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