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Richardson Grove Update

On November 28, Richardson Grove supporters packed Judge Alsup’s courtroom to witness the latest oral argument in EPIC’s federal lawsuit to defend Richardson Grove. This was the third time before Judge Alsup, who previously found that Caltrans relied upon inaccurate data and failed to document the likely harm to the root structure of old-growth redwoods in the park. The judge was notably impressed by the large turnout in support of the grove.

The case focused on whether Caltrans had adequately considered the environmental impacts of the proposed road widening. EPIC and co-plaintiffs argue that Caltrans’ most recent environmental analysis document shares the same fatal flaws that doomed their previous two attempts: the information was either inaccurate or misleading and therefore did not fully consider the potential environmental impacts.

Judge Alsup was engaged and interested in the case, asking sharp questions to both EPIC and Caltrans that demonstrated his close reading of our arguments and his intimacy with the issues. Our attorney team was excellent, per usual. Stuart Gross led the oral arguments for EPIC, assisted by Sharon Duggan, Camilo Artiga-Purcell, and Phil Gregory. The case is now under consideration by the judge, but there is no anticipated date for a ruling.

Friend-of-EPIC, Karen Pickett, was there in the courtroom and spoke to KMUD radio about the oral argument. You can listen to her interview here.

For 11 years, EPIC and allies have stopped bulldozers from wreaking havoc in Richardson Grove State Park. We are putting up a full court press defense of these towering ancient trees. Thank you for your support.


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