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Save Richardson Grove

You know you’ve arrived in Humboldt County when you wind your way through the beautiful and majestic Richardson Grove State Park at the county’s southern entrance. Towering old-growth redwoods shade the roadway, even in broad daylight, as visitors crane their necks out car windows with marvel and locals smile at the notion of returning home.


But the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has a plan to widen and realign Highway 101 at Richardson Grove to accommodate the largest commercial trucks on the road. Caltrans would cut down trees and destroy the roots of ancient redwoods causing substantial, irreparable damage to the trees.

The redwoods of Richardson Grove represent the last standing giant ancient redwoods in the world, they are irreplaceable: once destroyed they are gone and they will not be replaced by equivalent trees for millennia.

EPIC and our allies know that by working together, we can stop this destructive project and protect this threatened ancient redwood grove.


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Save Richardson Grove

Richardson Grove State Park is considered to be the famous redwood curtain that has kept the county from becoming another exit along the superhighway of modern development. But now Caltrans is proposing to widen the highway through the Grove, resulting in removal of trees and destruction of old growth roots.

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