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Keep California Great

EPIC is hitting the summer festival circuit to Keep California Great! This summer EPIC is collecting postcards to send to Senator Kevin de León in support of SB 49 and SB 50, which are designed to preserve California’s natural environment against Trump’s cynical rollbacks of federal environmental protections.

Together, the two bills Trump–proof California environmental law and help protect and preserve our public lands and wild places.

SB 49 acts as insurance against the rollback of federal environmental laws by making current federal clear air, climate, water, labor safety, and endangered species standards enforceable under California state law. Therefore, in the event that Congress or the President weakens or repeals corresponding federal standards, California would then adopt said standards as our own. Because the bill stands up to polluters and poachers, the bill has encountered severe opposition by big industry groups.

SB 50 would make it the official policy of California to oppose all giveaways of federal public land, and should land be given away, provide a right of first refusal for the State Lands Commission. This bill would discourage third party or commercial industry from purchasing our public lands, and further preserves our public lands as a space for recreation, scientific research, and native cultural and historical significance.

SB 49 and SB 50 are successfully making their way through the legislative process. Both bills have passed their first hurdle, the California Senate, and now sit in the California Assembly where they have been directed to committees for their review. Assuming the bills safely make it out of committee, they will need to go to the floor of the assembly and to the governor’s desk before they can become law. EPIC continues to monitor the progress of these bills and will keep you updated.

You Can Help!

Already, EPIC has collected over 150 postcards, and it’s only halfway through summer! EPIC would like to sincerely thank all those who’ve signed and supported our efforts to Keep California Great! EPIC will send our letters of support to main bill author Senator de León to further illustrate public favor of the bills throughout future assembly hearings. Be on the lookout for the EPIC tent at the upcoming Kate Wolf festival.

If you’re interested in sharing EPIC’s support of SB 49 and SB 50 please visit the EPIC office for a stack of postcards, or download the print out attachment here.


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