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EPIC Forest Prom Court Nominees

We have selected 7 wonderful enviro-nominees to fight for the EPIC Forest Prom crown—and they need YOUR votes to win!

Join EPIC’s Forest Prom this Saturday, April 28th to cast your vote. Like any election, your dollar matters. Each nominee will have an EPIC donation jar set up at the bar, and whoever garners the most donations by the end of the night wins! If you can’t join our funtitivies this weekend, but want to support EPIC’s work please donate HERE! 

Check out whose in the running:

Mitra Abidi, Redwood Community Action Agency. Mitra graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Natural Resources Planning, she was an active CCATer, then tree planter and restorationist, and has been in Humboldt County for 10 years now. She is currently running a garden program through the Redwood Community Action Agency, supporting local community gardens and running a large garden that feeds a local drug & alcohol rehab center/shelter’s kitchen. She’s extroverted, funny, and is outside everyday with her big dog. She cares deeply about our environment and made a promise to herself many years ago to work for the betterment of our earth, either through environmental or social work, for the rest of her life. Mitra has served on the Board of Directors for the Environmental Protection Information Center since 2013.

Natalynee Delapp, Humboldt County Growers Alliance. An avid nature enthusiast and amateur mycologist, Natalynne has made it her

life’s work to help “shift people’s cultural relationship with environment and community.” Natalynne holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Humboldt State University in Environmental Science: Public Policy. Between 2008 and 2017 Natalynne worked with the Environmental Protection Information Center. In 2014 and 2015, Natalynne helped facilitate dialogue between environmental organizations, cannabis farmers, and the public. By working across political boundaries Natalynne helped shape Humboldt County’s landmark Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance for the benefit of farms, forests and fish. In 2016, Natalynne left EPIC and started the Humboldt County Growers Alliance, a non-profit trade association for legal cannabis businesses who are working together to protect the people, environment and community.

Jennifer Savage, Surfrider Foundation. Jennifer is the California Policy Manager at the Surfrider, she keeps a watchful eye on what’s going on in Sacramento and along all 1,100 miles of California coastline, supporting Surfrider’s 20 California chapters on local and statewide campaigns. With experience as an environmental journalist, radio personality, event organizer and freelance columnist, Jennifer has a lot of tools in her toolbelt to spread the word about threats and solutions to our ocean’s health. She divides her time between San Francisco and Humboldt, and considers the entire California coast her backyard! When not working, Jennifer spends as much time in or around the ocean as possible surfing, hiking and taking photos, preferably with family and friends.

Briana Villalobos, Director of Communications and Development at EPIC. Briana attended Humboldt State University where she

earned her degree is sociology with an emphasis on human ecology and ecofeminism. Her passion for environmental and social justice is exemplified by her time and research dedicated throughout her undergrad career, and professional work at EPIC. All of EPIC’s social media posts, radio shows, and outreach events have a little bit of Briana’s touch to them. Briana has been with EPIC for a total of 3 years, and is most passionate about her collaboration with Latino Outdoors and the bilingual hike series. Briana is dedicated to connecting diverse communities with the outdoor narrative, and creating more community-student relationships through internship and volunteer opportunities with EPIC. Briana more commonly goes by her nickname “Bean”, and loves going on hikes with her kitten Arlo, roller skating, cooking with friends, and dancing the night away.

Nathaniel Pennington, he does it all! Nat currently sits on the Board of Directors for Klamath Riverkeeper, Nature Rights Council and Klamath Forest Alliance. He has also worked for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for over 20 years. Nat ran the Salmon River Restoration Council Fisheries Program for 10 years and has coordinated their annual cooperative spring-run Chinook salmon surveys for the past 20 years.  He is owner/CEO at EcoFlo Rafting Company, Klamath Justice Coalition Member, and was instrumental in the campaign to un-dam the Klamath River. Nat traveled to Borneo and the Amazon with indigenous youth delegations to advocate for the protection of the environment and rivers in regions that were threatened with mega dam proposals. In 2006, Nat secured funding for spring Chinook genetic research that was recently published in Science magazine and coauthored the endangered species act petition with the Karuk Tribe that was recently accepted by NOAA fisheries. Nat understands that a collaborative approach leads to success and would like to thank all of his friends and colleagues who have made contributed to these efforts

Robert Shearer,Botany Teachers Assistant and EPIC Board Member. Bobby has been with EPIC for 6 years now and currently serves as VP of the board. He graduated HSU magna cum laude with degrees in botany and ecology and is currently a biology graduate student and botany teaching associate. He’s a teacher, a dancer, a writer, a naturalist, outdoor adventurer, a political activist, and a lover of all life. The expertise he brings to the EPIC team includes campaign development, strategic planning, and plant-based conservation science. When he’s not in the lab or the classroom, there’s nowhere Bobby prefers to be more than with his loving wife, Ayana Paige, enjoying the incredible forests and rivers of northwest California that EPIC works to protect. 

Mike Wilson, Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. Born and raised in SoHum, Mike Wilson is Humboldt through and through. Mike is a graduate of the Environmental Resources Engineering Department, Humboldt State University, and is owner of Humboldt Water Resources, a small company that creates new wetland habitats for wildlife species, while also taking advantage of natural ecosystem services to treat stormwater and waste water. Mike is a rabblerouser and punk rocker in addition to his duties on the Board of Supervisors. In his time on the Board, Mike has distinguished himself as the voice for the environment.


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