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BREAKING: EPIC Moves to Ban Clearcutting in Humboldt!

EPIC has submitted a voter initiative to Humboldt County to ban the destructive forestry practice known as “clearcutting” within Humboldt County and implement well-recognized principles of sustainable forestry. Clearcutting and other evenaged management involves the removal of all or nearly all of a forest stand in a single harvest. This extreme forest disturbance harms water quality and wildlife habitat, and exacerbates climate change. Volunteers will be collecting signatures on the petition with the intention of making it on the general election ballot in November 2018.

Humboldt County would join Marin County in banning clearcutting, and would join a number of other local governments, including Berkeley, Brisbane, Daly City, Davis, Menlo Park, Monte Sereno, San Francisco, Saratoga, and Sunnyvale, in expressing their opposition to the practice. Local regulation of timber production is preempted by state law; however, the California Forest Practice Act provides that counties can recommend rules to the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection. These rules must be adopted if the rules are consistent with the Forest Practice Act and necessary to protect the needs of the county.

We have a big task ahead of us. EPIC needs to gather the valid signatures of ~4,000 Humboldt County voters in order to get the initiative on the ballot. Once on the ballot, we will need to turn out voters to push the initiative to victory!

Clearcutting isn’t necessary to run a successful timber company. Humboldt Redwood Company, the successor to Pacific Lumber Company, does not employ evenaged management, for example. Neither does Collins Pine, a timber company based in Plumas, CA. Clearcutting is a relic from another era. It’s time we implement modern sustainable forestry practices in Humboldt.

Three Ways to Help!

We are going to need your help! Big Timber is set to fight us every step of the way.


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