Action Alert: Support Clean, Renewable Energy in Humboldt County

Previously, the Cities of Eureka and Arcata, together with the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and the McKinleyville Community Services District, have passed resolutions expressing their support. This move is further supported by the Environmental Protection Information Center.

Decarbonizing our energy infrastructure is necessary to address the threat of climate change. Currently, Humboldt County only derives 42% of its energy from “renewable sources,” with the rest provided by large hydroelectric (40%) and other sectors (18%). The move towards 100% clean energy would place Humboldt at the forefront of the clean energy movement.

“In order to confront global climate change it is imperative that we move past fossil fuels and towards renewable energy,” said Tom Wheeler, Executive Director of EPIC. “The Green New Deal begins at home: this is something that Humboldt County can and should do.”