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Action Alert: Oppose Federal “Logging Without Laws” Legislation!

Take Action Now! Last week, the House of Representatives passed the horrific “Logging Without Laws” bill, a piece of legislation that will suspend key environmental laws and push forward Trump’s radical anti-public lands agenda. The bill passed on a near party line vote: 232-188.

Now the fight moves to the Senate. Let’s let our Senators know that we can’t sacrifice our public lands for private profit. Click here to take action.

The deceptively-named “Resilient Federal Forests Act” (H.R. 2936) is the worst piece of forest legislation in EPIC’s lifetime (and that’s saying something, as previous bad bills include the ’95 Salvage Rider and the Bush-era Healthy Forests Restoration Act).

Among the carnage, the bill would:

  1. Allow up to 50 square mile clearcuts without examining the environmental impact

  2. Undercut the Endangered Species Act by

  3. Close the courtroom door for EPIC and other environmental champions.

The Senate is our last hope. Click here to let your Senators know: Oppose the “Logging Without Laws” legislation!

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