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ACTION ALERT: Help Defend 30x30 Funding in the State Budget

There is a serious threat to climate action and 30x30 funding as the California Legislature and Newsom Administration begin the weeklong sprint to reach an agreement on the fiscal year 2024-25 budget by June 15.

The Governor’s revised budget proposal cuts nearly half a billion dollars of nature-based climate solution funding with the biggest reduction from the proposal to end General Fund support for the Habitat Conservation Fund this year. Last week, the Senate and Assembly released their final budget agreement.

Unfortunately, their agreement would cut more than $1.3 billion in funding for nature and 30x30. The biggest cuts, if approved in a final budget with the Governor, would be more than half a billion dollars cut from the Wildlife Conservation Board, more than $355 million cut from the State Coastal Conservancy, $228 million cut from the Department of Water Resources, and nearly $100 million cut from state parks. 

Please contact our North Coast representatives, Assemblymember Jim Wood and Senate President por Tempore Mike McGuire. Take action for California and the climate today!

Stay tuned for other letters and information as we work during these next few weeks to defend our 30x30 funding. Make sure to amplify our efforts via social media and tag your legislative representatives!


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