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Welcome Lila Dressler: EPIC's Newest Intern

Photo from Lila Dressler.

Meet Lila Dressler, EPIC's newest intern. Welcome to the EPIC team, Lila!

Lila is a recent graduate from Scripps College in Claremont, California. She graduated in May with a degree in Biology and is motivated to use her degree and love for nature to work on both protecting and restoring the environment. Lila grew up in Humboldt and is enthusiastic about beginning her environmental work in her hometown habitat. She is concerned about both the lack of action being taken to slow or stop the climate crisis and the continued damage being done to our only planet and hopes to encourage activism in her work with EPIC by communicating the urgency of the harm we are inflicting on the environment.

In her free time, Lila enjoys snowboarding, reading, knitting, and bringing her dogs, Tug and June, to Humboldt’s forests and beaches. Being back in Northern California’s unique nature, and taking steps with EPIC to protect it, will be an exciting chance for Lila to begin her goals of contributing her career to defending the natural world.


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