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This holiday, give the gift of a Wild California!

It is because of what you do for endangered species and the wild landscapes of Northwest California that we still have something left to fight for in Northwest California. Let’s make 2012 a year to remember!

Would you become part of the EPIC Community and make a $35 donation today, so that we may continue our work of protecting California’s Redwood Coast?

One of the easiest and best ways to stay informed and help protect the forests, rivers, and coast of Northwest California is to become a member of EPIC. You’ll receive bi-monthly electronic newsletters, plus action alerts on important issues and you’ll know that you’re helping to protect our unique region for generations to come.

If you’re already a member please consider a gift membership for a friend or loved one.

By contributing generously to EPIC you are investing in a time tested advocacy organization that is grounded in the shared vision of our community. EPIC is a grassroots and independent organization whose impact is exponentially larger than our small size. We thank you for your support, and for donating today! As the guardians of your wild backyard we are forever grateful for all that you do for this organization, and for the spectacular places that we are working to protect.

Everyday EPIC works to: * Defend the amazing forests that define this region, from federally managed public lands to the California State Park System and to the privately-owned, industrial timberlands—nearly 15 million acres! * Restore clean, clear, cold water to rivers of the North Coast; and * Protect the special creatures like the Northern Spotted Owl, the Klamath Spring-run Chinook Salmon, the Marbled Murrelet and the Humboldt Marten—all threatened by the historic legacy of exploitative resource management.

EPIC holds polluters and government agencies accountable; we develop comments on behalf of the public trust resources, fish and wildlife, and for our membership; and we act as a government watchdog to ensure that industry-backed initiatives, laws or regulations do not go unchecked at the expense of our wild places.

Your donation of $10, $35, $50, $100 or even $1,000 means so much return on your investment for Wild Northwest California. If everyone who reads this message pitched in just $10 we would reach our goal of raising $20,000 by the New Year. Please donate today!

Please show your support for these efforts and help us usher in 2012 with the resources we need to keep fighting the battles, big and small that really matter to this region.

Sincerely Wild!

Natalynne DeLapp


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