Take Action Today: Tell State Assembly Member Chesbro to Improve AB904

Arcata Community Forest

Arcata Community Forest Trail

Take Action: Private non-industrial forestland owners in California are seeking an increase on the acreage cap that restricts the number of landowners that can enroll in the Non-Industrial Timber Management Plan (NTMP) program.  The current program caps participation at 2,500-acre ownerships.  These smaller non-industrial forestland owners are required under the current NTMP program to only conduct unevenaged management (i.e. no clearcutting or similar methods). The current acreage cap has proved problematic for some of the larger non-industrial landowners, including our own Arcata Community Forest.

In an attempt to address the acreage cap, as well as addressing deficiencies in the current NTMP process, State Assembly Member Wesely Chesbro has introduced AB904. This proposed legislation would potentially increase the acreage cap to as much as 15,000 acre ownerships, and require landowners to manage for the goal of “unevenaged” stands and long-term sustained yield of forest products.  This new program, dubbed the Working Forest Management Plan (WFMP) like the existing NTMP, once approved, is valid into perpetuity, leaving considerable questions about public involvement and oversight of these projects in the long-term.