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Take Action To Protect Old-Growth Forest Reserves Of The Salmon And Scott Rivers!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

“Salvage” logging on the Klamath National Forest, Westside Timber Sale.

The Klamath National Forest is at it again; targeting fire affected old-growth forest reserves. The River Complex project proposes nearly 2,000 acres of “salvage” logging in the headwaters of the South Fork Salmon and Scott Rivers.

The Forest Service plans to clearcut the Taylor/Carter Meadows Late Successional Reserve to create more flammable timber plantations. Despite on-the-ground evidence and decades of fire history and science, the agency continues to be blinded by timber targets; repeating failed management of the past.

South Fork of the Salmon River. Photo by Kimberly Baker.

The ecological destruction of post-fire logging wreaks havoc on recovering forest ecosystems, rivers, and wildlife. Located between the Trinity Alps and Russian Wilderness Areas, the River Complex timber sale area provides critical habitat connectivity for multiple species, including martens and fishers.

Please take action below today to protect old-growth forest reserves, habitat connectivity, and wildlife!


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