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Support the Usal Redwood Forest Conservation Easement Project

Redwood Forest Foundation Inc. (RFFI) has submitted an application to the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) to place a conservation easement on the Usal Redwood Forest, which includes 50,000 acres in Northern Mendocino County stretching from the Eel River to the Pacific Ocean.   RFFI bought the heavily logged land in 2007 from the Hawthorne Timber Company.  The unique property includes the Usal Creek watershed, and several important tributaries to the Eel River.

The WCB delayed funding for the acquisition of the easement in February 2011, ordering an independent review to confirm the appraised value of the easement.  The independent review makes findings that “the appraisal meets the high standards required by WCB and the professional standards that govern appraisers.” Now, the Wildlife Conservation Board will hold a hearing in late July to make a decision regarding the easement.  EPIC has submitted a letter in support of the independent review of the appraisal, but now we need your help to urge the WCB to make a positive decision supporting the easement as soon as possible.


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