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Featured Artist Rachael Rose

EPIC is proud to feature artisans from our community and their work. This month we are featuring the work of Rachael Rose, a young woman from the rural town of Fallbrook, just outside of San Diego.  Rachael is an up and coming artist with a passion for owls and nature. She loves painting whimsical nature-inspired art and hopes to inspire and encourage the conservationist in us all, which she has in us, with her rendition of a northern spotted owl painting made specifically for EPIC.

In an effort to for our membership to get better acquainted with Rachael and her inspiration, we asked a few questions about her and her activism. We think this interview captures an important glimpse into a creative talent who is contributing to a community awareness that endeavors to maintain a balanced relationship with the landscape that provides us spiritual and physical sustenance.

What about owls in particular inspires you?

Owls are inspiring to me because they are a symbol for wisdom, intuition, protection and strength. Throughout time owls have been recognized as very beautiful and mystical creatures of the night and I have always been drawn to them.

How is the role of art, and especially art inspired by owls and nature important to you?  

Creating artwork has always been my outlet for expression. Nature is definitely my muse and I am blessed to live in such a rural area of Southern California that is thriving with plant and animal life.  I started painting owls because I loved them and when my owl paintings became more popular I thought it would be a good idea to donate a portion of the proceeds to help owls.  It is a fun way to spread a message and support a great cause.  

Given the impacts on owl habitat, what do you think people can do to help protect and restore healthy owl populations?  

The first thing people can do is to become aware of what is going on, and share it with everyone they know!  After that it just depends on what will resonate with them the most. Searching out great groups like EPIC and supporting them is what I chose to do.  And being able to use my art to help raise money is so incredible and exciting to me. 

Why do you think a group like EPIC is important?  

A group like EPIC is very important because they spread awareness of current critical ecological situations that the general public may or may not have any idea about.  Not only does EPIC provide the information, they also take action in order to make a positive change in the environment.  Our earth needs support for groups like EPIC more than ever right now.  

Please support EPIC by supporting the community of artists and businesses that support EPIC.

Prints of Rachael’s Northern Spotted Owl, will be available for sale at the upcoming Annual Meeting and Fall Celebration on November 4 in Redway. All of Rachael’s other owl paintings and prints are available for sale through her Etsy website, of which 10% of the proceeds go directly to EPIC. If you’d like to see more art by Rachael Rose, check out her official website,

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