Eye on Green Diamond-Week 6

Redwood tree within McKay Tract. Photo courtesty Humboldt Earth First.

This week in EPIC’s Eye on Green Diamond dispatch, Amber Jamieson and Rob Diperna have combined efforts to look at both the proposed development Green Diamond has put on the table in Humboldt County, but also approved Timber Harvest Plans just east of Eureka, in the McKay Tract.

One could point to the president of Green Diamond, William R. Brown, former Chief Financial Officer for Plum Creek timber, for the direction in speculative development schemes that may have originated from his experience on the east coast. Last fall, conservation activists from Maine contacted EPIC and asked of Brown’s direction of the company. They specifically asked the question whether the company would be transforming their forests into residential developments, based on those that changed Maine’s forests forever, under Brown’s leadership at Plum Creek. Of course we at EPIC are unsure of the inner workings or strategic plans of Green Diamond’s corporate leadership. One could draw some parallels, however, based on the proposals on the table in Humboldt County.

It is also interesting to note that in a recent flight over the McKay Tract, I noticed the blue tarps sheltering a tree village! After the flight, I looked up the Humboldt Earth First! website and found that they had information about the McKay 09 THP, a threatened mature forest within the McKay Tract, in the Ryan Creek watershed and adjacent to Cutten (Eureka). These dedicated activists are likely the only reason why this grove of forest has not been liquidated int