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EPIC Wishes Happy Trails to Rob DiPerna

All of us at EPIC wish Rob DiPerna, our long-time friend and staff member, happy trails as he retires from EPIC.

Rob served two terms of duty at EPIC, first in the early 2000s and again for the past decade. In that time, he became California’s preeminent expert on the Forest Practice Act and Rules, helping individuals and groups across the state understand the law and their opportunities to shape. At EPIC, he was a walking-talking encyclopedia of all forest-related topics. He was a prolific writing and committed activist. He earned the respect of individuals of all stripes—from timber industry bosses to EarthFirst! treesitters to government bureaucrats—because of his expertise and his professionalism.

He was also a great co-worker. Rob is a personality and everyone in the office will miss his particular Rob-isms: his “monkey suit” that he wore to formal meetings; his constant reference of 80’s pop culture (which the younger staff, myself included, often didn’t get but nevertheless appreciated); his knowledge and photo documentation of every back country trail in the region; and so much more.

Rob, we will miss you but glad to count you as a friend. See you on the trail!


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