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EPIC Thank You!

The staff and board of the Environmental Protection Information Center would like to thank all of the community members and businesses that made it possible to throw an incredibly entertaining and successful Dia de los Muertos benefit, on Friday, November 1st at the Mateel Community Center.  The 36th Annual Fall Celebration was attended by over 500 people who turned out to show their grass roots support for EPIC.

A HUGE thank you to volunteers Tryphena Lewis and Natalia Boyce, and their kitchen crew, for their contribution to the event, their help and talents allow us  to pull off our events with massive style and grace! Together they prepared the gourmet flavors for our dinner, drink and dessert menus with exceptional taste, eye for detail, endless reserves of energy–and all at no charge to EPIC! Their volunteer contributions puts our supporter dollars directly into the continued protection and restoration of the redwood ecosystems. We thank all of our volunteers who worked tirelessly on this event, and we really can’t thank them enough. They came early, stayed late, worked with aching feet, scrubbed dishes, helped raise money, contributed money, and did their absolute best to make our event wonderful while keeping smiles on their faces even after ridiculously long hours.

A special thank you to Katie Dodd, Galen O’Toole, Gabriel Salazar, Jeffrey Hinton, Rob Fishman, Angelina Lasko, Kelly Karaba, Wesley DeMarco, Stephen Luther, Kalyn Bocast, Farmer, Greenleaf, Monday, Tove Patterson, Joe Metzger, Brandon Norris, Christinia Hunter, Emilee Quakenbush, Arturo Marcos, Karla Velasco, Vanessa Algarra, Shawn Smith, and possibly a few more, who’s names we’re forgetting, but that we are also extremely grateful too. Thank you to Chakeeta Marie and the Circus of the Elements for dazzling guests with their fire dances. And of course, a huge thank you goes out to Indubious, New Kingston, resident D.J. Nat Pennington, and the Coup for rocking the house with some EPIC beats!

A sincere thank you goes out to the following businesses for their generous contributions: Abraxas, Abruzzi, Alan Sandborn, Arcata Exchange, Baroni, Bead Supply, Benbow Inn, Bergin Siplia Wines, Blue Moon Gift Shop, Bubbles, Caravan of Dreams, Carol Reed-Jones, Celtic Art, Copper Fairies, Crows Cloth, Denise Hisel, Derek Jones, Finnish Country Spa, Fire and Light, Fire Arts Center, Frey Vinyards, Holly Yashi, Hoof and Horn, Hooked Productions, Jeeba, Jenny Metz, Jim Lamport, Joe Hiney, Karen Rice, KMUD Radio, Kristen Hoard, Lagunitas, Lobos Del Mar, Lost Coast Communications, Mad River Brewery, Mark Henson, Mateel Community Center, Organic Atrire, Peoples Records, Pierson’s Building Supply, Pro Sport Center, Redway Liquor, Rob Siefert, Saraba, Shakina, Shebobo, Sierra Martin, Simply Macintosh, Sunny Asylum Designs, Synergy Organic Clothing, Thistle Glass, Tie Dye 2, Tracy Rain Law Office, Trim Scene Solutions, Violet Green Winery, and last but not least, Wild and Wooly.





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