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EPIC's New 30x30 Coordinator: Welcome Josefina to the EPIC Team!

Josefina Barrantes, EPIC's 30x30 Coordinator.
Photo by Josefina Barrantes / EPIC.

Hello EPIC friends and fans!

My name is Josefina Barrantes and I am EPIC's new 30x30 Coordinator for the far north region of California. I am originally from the East Bay area and am proud to now call Humboldt home.

I came to what is now Cal Poly Humboldt promptly after high school and began my educational career with a Bachelors in Political Science paired with a concentration in Law and Policy. During my undergrad years, I interned at Senator McGuire’s district office in Eureka and developed an interest in the politics of our beloved more than human relatives. Wanting to protect something so vulnerable, yet so powerful, was an easy decision. From there I honed my skills in the environmental field by serving as the Humboldt State’s Associated Students Environmental Sustainability Officer. Serving the board allowed me to advocate for student’s needs through funding allocation and policy decisions.

Being on the Associated Students board allowed me to get deeply involved in the fight for edible landscapes on our campus. An effort that has long preceded me and will continue to march on. From co-signing resolutions to getting the school to further support this effort, I decided to help champion a group of students to create an ethnobotanical map of our campus - one that would serve as a blueprint for what exists on our campus, and could be a starting point to ask the school to add more of what already flourishes and has significant, culturally relevant relationships. The map flourished into a tool that serves the Rou Dalagurr Food Sovereignty Lab and Traditional Ecological Knowledges Institute through Cal Poly Humboldt's Native American Studies Department. Through this project, I was able to write my current Master’s thesis that explores the history of edible landscapes at Cal Poly Humboldt, other universities throughout the CSU system, and reasons why certain projects might not receive enthusiastic support and funding from their schools.

I am excited to apply my knowledge and experience to the far north region of California in aiding in the protection of vulnerable parcels of land and advocating for the livelihoods of people for which the land depends on.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking for loved ones, being outside with my dog, and reading books.

I am over the moon to be working with everyone! If you have questions about the 30x30 Power in Nature Coalition or the 30x30 Pathways to California strategy please do not hesitate to contact me via email at

Thank you all for your support!



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