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EPIC Employee Appointed to Resource Advisory Committee

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Kimberly Baker

EPIC staff Kimberly Baker has been appointed to the Resource Advisory Committee (RAC), which is responsible for allocating funds to projects that are located or affecting resources on federal lands.  

Baker’s appointment is a great opportunity for the voice of a public land advocate to be represented in one of the decision-making processes that affect public lands and resources within Humboldt County.  When asked to comment on her appointment, Baker said “as a member of the Humboldt County RAC, I will do my best to encourage projects that incorporate native traditional ecological knowledge and hope to see some real progressive steps towards stimulating  local workforces and the well being of our watersheds.”

Each RAC consists of 15 members appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.  Committee members represent the community interests in three broad categories: resource based industry groups;  environmental organizations; and elected officials.

The Humboldt RAC carries out the requirements of the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000, which enables the Secretary of Agriculture to restore eligible resource advisory committees for the Forest Service.  According to the RAC overview: “the SRS Act authorizes the use of RACs as a mechanism for local community collaboration with federal land managers in recommending Title II projects on federal lands or that will benefit resources on federal lands.”

Title II funds may be used for projects that improve the maintenance of existing infrastructure, implementing stewardship objectives that enhance forest ecosystems, and restoring and improving land health and water quality, with at least 50 percent of all Title II funds must be used for projects that are primarily dedicated to road maintenance, decommissioning, or obliteration or restoration of streams and watersheds.


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