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Action Alert: Support EPIC’s Petition to Protect Spotted Owls and Save Public Funds

Update 3/6/13:  Thanks to your participation, the Board of Forestry has voted to accept EPIC’s rulemaking petition, which is expected to be available for public review.  Stay tuned for future updates.

Take Action Now! Support EPIC’s petition to remove outdated and harmful regulations that damage Northern Spotted Owl habitat.  Existing state regulations have allowed intensive logging of spotted owl habitat within known owl territories resulting in the abandonment and loss of hundreds of historic nesting sites.  Changing state regulations to reflect the most current scientific and regulatory guidance is necessary in order to address these deficiencies.  Changing existing state regulations will also serve to streamline review and approval of timber harvest plans.

On February 6, 2013, EPIC filed a rulemaking petition with the California Board of Forestry to remove regulations that have resulted in harm to owls and significant loss of owl habitat, and comment the deadline for this issue is February 26th. It is Urgent that you take action today to protect Northern Spotted Owls.


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