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Action Alert: Petition Your Community To Save JDSF!

Those of you who have been following the fight to save Jackson Demonstration State Forest may be wondering if there is anything tangible you can do to make your opposition to logging in this special place heard. Well, now you can!

Do you live in California’s 2nd District?

Help us send a message to Senator McGuire, Assembly Member Wood, and Congressman Huffman! We need our representatives to demand an immediate moratorium on logging in the Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF). JDSF has more registered Native American sacred sites than any other State Forest in California and its coast redwoods store sequester more carbon than any other forest type in the world! This special place should be protected from logging while we work to change its management.

The destructive logging occurring in JDSF is completely controlled by the State. If Governor Newsom wanted, he could pause the current logging. We need a moratorium on logging operations now in order to protect the forest. We cannot negotiate with the State while they continue to threaten Pomo sacred sites and ancestral forest with their destructive logging.

How to take action:

Please print out a copy of this petition prepared by Chairman Michael Hunter of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians and collect signatures from your friends and neighbors. Then, mail the petition by Feb 21st so that Chairman Hunter can deliver it to our representatives in person.

Petitions can be mailed to:

Andy Wellspring

P.O. Box 2909

Fort Bragg, CA


Not sure you live in the 2nd District? Check here.


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