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Trinidad Community Forum: Green Diamond and Industrial Logging

The high rate and intensity of logging on Green Diamond/Simpson lands is visible from space. GIS credit Lindsey Holm

You are invited to join EPIC’s staff to discuss the impacts of industrial logging operations in the watersheds surrounding our towns in Humboldt County. Please join us at the Trinidad Town Hall on Wednesday July 13 at 6 pm for a Community Forum.

Simpson Timber, the parent company of California Redwood Company and Green Diamond Resource Company, owns roughly 400,000 acres of some of the highest producing lands in the redwood region. There is very little older forest on these lands, and forest resources on Simpson lands are in various states of recovery from past logging and current Simpson activities.

The rate and intensity of logging on Simpson lands is high and very disturbing. High intensity management practices which rely heavily on clearcuts, chemical herbicides, extensive roads, short rotations and plantation forestry betray a flaw in the paradigm of industrial forestry practices, as well as a pervasive lack of government regulatory control.

EPIC wants to hear your vision for a better future on forests and lands in our region. We advocate for the restoration of our forests and watersheds. Intensive industrial forestland management which relies heavily on clearcuts, chemical herbicides, extensive road systems and sterile plantations should be a relic of the past.

EPIC seeks to encourage a discussion around the principles of ecological restoration forestry, and seeks alternatives to the dominant management regime found on many private industrial forest landscapes. EPIC wishes to engage with the community and neighbors of these industrial logging giants to develop a new and more ecologically centered forestry for the future. Come join us on July 13 at 6PM at the Trinidad Town Hall.


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