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Three MAJOR Updates from the Defense of Richardson Grove

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The struggle to save the ancient redwoods of Richardson Grove State Park continues and we have three exciting updates to share with you.

First, EPIC is back in federal court on Richardson Grove with a motion for summary judgment on unresolved claims. As always, our attorneys did a fantastic job. Although we had a temporary setback at the Ninth Circuit in December, it was only that: temporary. We are excited to plunge ahead and put forward our claims. You can read the excellent briefing here.

Second, the coalition of groups that oppose Richardson Grove continues to grow. In December 2020, the Save the Redwoods League announced its opposition to the project. In a press release, the League stated cutting and paving over the fragile roots of old-growth redwoods was “it is not the right thing to do in this special place” and “that the League urges the agency to seek other, less-impactful options” to the project. The League also provided their scientific expertise. The League has also supported EPIC’s legal work, with the League’s Director of Restoration providing a declaration about the threats posed by climate change to redwoods. It is a great and illuminating piece and we encourage you to read it. Thanks to Save the Redwoods League for their support. We are also excited about our growing relationship with the Intertribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council and are proud to help amplify their concerns with the Richardson Grove Project.

Third, EPIC and our allies have invited Caltrans Director Toks Omishakin to visit Richardson Grove and discuss our concerns with the project. Director Omishakin is said to have brought a new energy and direction to the agency, as he was brought in from out of state and has a well-known interest in “active transportation” (i.e. human-powered transportation, like biking or walking). Read our letter to Director Omishakin here.


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