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Send a Letter for Spring Chinook Salmon

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The agency has been reviewing the status of the fish after registering a positive “90 day finding”, the first step to listing the Upper Klamath-Trinity Chinook salmon under the federal Endangered Species Act. The agency has the power to make a real difference for these fish, by acting swiftly and decisively for the recovery of this species.

Nearly ten years after the horrific 2002 fish kill on the Klamath that resulted in tens of thousands of dead salmon washing up on the river bar, a tremendous effort by local river communities, Tribal governments and environmental organizations has emerged to improve conditions for the fish. While complex negotiations, litigation and legislative strategies are on going, the fish continue to face grave threats.

Now marks an opportunity for people concerned about salmon to tell the agency representative why you think these salmon need protections offered under the Endangered Species Act. To send a letter, click here.

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