Santa’s Naughty and Nice List Sneak Peek: Environment Issue 2020

Santa’s 2020 Naughty and Nice List

We here at EPIC are close with Kris Kringle. (He is an environmentalist after all, using reindeer to power his sleigh instead of fossil fuels.) We are so close that EPIC has an exclusive sneak preview at his naughty and nice list. To those on the nice list, we are incredibly grateful to all of those that work hard to protect our habitat, Earth. Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and inspiration this year. We look forward to a brighter future ahead. 

To those on the naughty list… well, Santa usually gives out coal to bad boys and girls, but given their track records, these foes of the environment would probably just try to sell it to coal power plants.


EPIC Members: Our members are the best. 2020 was a no-good, very bad year, but you have stood by EPIC and your generosity has kept our doors open, lights on, and staff working. Thank you for supporting us ❤️