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Kick-off for EPIC’s Richardson Grove Legal Fund

Please help us achieve our goal of raising $5000 in one week.

Please help EPIC protect the old growth redwoods in Richardson Grove State Park. With your help, we can ensure the grove remains fully protected.

Right now, EPIC needs your help to make the kick-off for our Richardson Grove Legal Fund a success.

Already  four dedicated people have pledged to match up to $2500 to support the kick-off.

Will you be a part of the EPIC Challenge, and pledge your support this week?

Ancient redwoods are some of the tallest and oldest living things on earth. Old growth redwood forests provide important habitat for endangered species and a cathedral-like, peaceful setting for personal reflection. The incredible roots of these trees provide the lifeblood for their health and the structural integrity they need to stand tall.

Caltrans plans to impact the structural root zone of 87 protected trees, averaging about eight feet wide, within Richardson Grove State Park.

Caltrans claims that their actions will not hurt the trees, but the California State Parks issued guidelines that clearly direct the agency on how to conduct their construction projects within parks.

“There should be no construction activities in the Structural Root Zone of a protected tree….Any Intrusion into this zone is usually accompanied by significant injury to roots further from the trunk; this will shorten the useful life of the tree in the developed area by reducing vigor and introducing root disease. Furthermore, damage to any structural roots may cause an already structurally compromised tree to become hazardous,” California State Parks Standards on construction.

EPIC has now analyzed the 1200+-page environmental document. We have found substantial flaws in this defective document, leaving it vulnerable to legal challenge. We are confident that our  strategy can provide full protection for these trees and the expose the myths Caltrans and lobbyists use to mislead the public.

On May 18, Caltrans approved the record for this plan and registered it with the state. With only a month to develop a legal challenge, the deadline for EPIC to file is quickly approaching.

I am writing you today to invite you to be a part of that challenge!

This notice marks the launch of a fast-moving community action. We need to raise five thousand dollars in the next week, to make this campaign kick-off a success. As a community, we can stop this project on legal merits.

Please consider adding your support to the growing number of people pledging sizable donations to this cause. All donations are tax-deductible. Donations can remain anonymous, or can come with a loud, public Thank You.


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