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Humboldt Marten Update

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Good News for the Humboldt Marten

This comes as a welcome development, departing from the October 2010 announcement by the Service that it would not be able to work on the petition this year, citing budgetary restrictions. See Scott Greacen’s article entitled, “Feds to Critically Endangered Humboldt Marten: You’re On Your Own”.

According to correspondence from the Service to the petitioners, funding has become available and the Arcata Office of the Fish and Wildlife Service will be the lead Office conducting the finding work.

The Humboldt marten is a cat-sized carnivore related to minks and otters that lives only in coastal, old-growth forests in Northern California and southern Oregon. Because nearly all of its old-growth forest habitat has been destroyed by logging, the Humboldt marten is so rare that it was believed extinct for 50 years.

To download the Petition to List the Humboldt Marten under the Endangered Species Act, click here.


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