Green Diamond To Host Public Meeting to Receive Community Feedback


Green Diamond Resource Company (ex-Simpson Timber) that the company intends to convene a public meeting to solicit feedback from the community on its forestry practices. The public meeting is to be held on Wednesday, February 13th, at the Bayside Grange (2297 Jacoby Creek Road), from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 

This Green Diamond public meeting has been scheduled against a back-drop of growing discontent in the community at large with Green Diamond’s green-wash and double-speak.  While Green Diamond aspires to portray an image of itself as a responsible forest manager and upstanding member of the community, the company at the same time continues to propose forest management that completely contradicts the companies’ public relations statements.

Examples of this include a Timber Harvest Plan, approved in 2011, which would allow 80 acres of clearcutting outside of Trinidad along the popular and picturesque Strawberry Rock trail.