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EPIC and Allies File Suit to Protect Ancient Redwoods From Caltrans Project

Today EPIC and our allies filed suit to protect the ancient redwoods in Richardson Grove State Park from Caltrans’ ill-conceived plan to widen Highway 101. We are very pleased to have the pro-bono support of the

Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy law firm, including the inspiration of Pete McCloskey, former US Congressman and veteran environmental advocate.

We are teaming up with the Center for Biological Diversity, Californians for Alternatives to Toxins and local citizens Loreen Eliason, Trisha Lee Lotus, Bruce Edwards and Jeff Hedin in our upcoming court battle.

Our plaintiff group is confident that we can protect the ancient trees at Richardson Grove, and unravel the misinformation campaign that Caltrans, big business interests and local officials have waged to promote the project.

I want to offer a special thank you to all of the amazing supporters who have made our own challenge to raise $5000 in one week to support this effort. With your help, we have had great success in exceeding our goal!

Please take a moment and read our joint press release, and keep checking back for more updates.

This filing marks an important elevation in our campaign to protect the grove, but it is only the beginning.

In addition to winning on legal merits, we must continue to build momentum so that we also might win in another, very important arena. The court of public opinion has been swayed by years of lobbying and deal-making by a few businesses influencing Caltrans and local officials to support this disastrous project.

To achieve these efforts, we will need volunteers and further financial support, as well as the support of our cultural activists, including musicians, poets and artists who support our campaign to protect Richardson Grove.We look forward to bringing our community a number of entertaining events locally to highlight the offerings made to us from a plethra of artists.

We look forward to finding many more creative ways for people who oppose this project to participate in a grassroots campaign to protect these ancient trees from harm.

Additionally, please feel free to download our Endorsed Richardson Grove Complaint (petition for writ of mandate).

Thanks for your attention!

Kerul Dyer

Richardson Grove Campaign Coordinator


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