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Beautiful ‘Secret Space Of Tides’ Framed Photographs Discounted, Benefit EPIC

EPIC announces an amazing and generous offering by acclaimed photographer J. Patrick Cudahy. Beautifully framed selections from his photographic series “The Secret Space of Tides” are on display at the EPIC office, at 145 South G Street (Suite A). These images provoke intuitive knowledge about visually universal patterns, including tidal, vascular branches that stretch just below the oceans’ surface around the world. Patrick Cudahy’s work expresses a keen sense for capturing expansive perspective and animates a sense of movement in still photography through his observation of color and light.

During the holiday season, these photographs have been deeply discounted to make them affordable for more supporters of EPIC! All of these amazing, framed photographs are available for only $79.00 each!

To look at his full collection, please visit his gallery and look through all of the images there.

To see them in realtime, just stop by the office in Arcata during regular business hours, and look for yourself at these photographic works.

Proceeds benefit EPIC’s work.


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