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2024 California Climate Resiliency Bond

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Photo by NOAA.

On August 28, 2023 the Power in Nature coalition, of which EPIC is a part, sent a letter to Governor Newsom in support of a 2024 Climate Resilience Bond. The Power In Nature coalition is a group of over 100 environmental groups, land trusts, Indigenous organizations and community groups that are working together to conserve 30% of the earth’s land and coastal waters by the year 2030. You may have heard of this goal by its shorthand name “30x30”.

In the letter, the coalition expresses their support for climate resilience bond legislation that is being proposed in both the Assembly (AB 1567, Assemblymember Garcia) and the Senate (SB 867, Senator Allen). In addition to endorsing these pieces of proposed legislation, the coalition also offered suggestions to strengthen them.

The coalition has asked legislators to include $5 billion for 30x30 efforts. This investment will fund projects that will aid us in staving off some of the worst effects of climate change. Putting money into projects that support watershed resilience, biodiversity, underinvested communities, and better management of our coastal waters are greatly important for our planet’s future. Specific asks also include $400 million to be allocated for dam removal. In addition, the coalition has asked for a minimum of 10% be set aside for capacity building and technical assistance for Tribes, severely disadvantaged communities, under-resourced communities and vulnerable populations. Click here to read the bond letter for more information and specific asks.

The coalition held a Zoom meeting with Assemblymember Garcia, author of AB 1567, and will be meeting with Senator Allen, author of SB 867, soon. In these meetings with legislators, coalition members ask questions regarding the proposed legislation, and voice their support and concerns. Click here to learn more about the Power in Nature coalition and how to support our conservation efforts.


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