Tolowa Dunes Update

California State Parks has released this image of the area proposed to be removed from Tolowa Dunes State Park.

Update 9/3/2010: A public notice has confirmed that on Friday, October 8th 2010, the California State Parks and Recreation Commission (CSPRC) will be holding a meeting to vote on a proposal to reclassify Tolowa Dunes to a “recreation area” which would allow hunting in what is now a State Park.  Activists are encouraged to attend the meeting at two locations: Elk Valley Rancheria at 2332 Howland Hill Road in Crescent City AND at the Beverly Hills City Hall, Room 280-B, 455 North Rexford Drive in Beverly Hills, CA (the location where CSPRC will be teleconferencing and making a decision).  EPIC’s review of the document has found that the action does not comply with CEQA or with the Coastal Act.  In fact, it is not entirely clear what State Parks is proposing with this document. 

State Parks Director Ruth Coleman appears determined to downgrade protection for this ecologically unique and culturally sensitive area at the behest of a few waterfowl hunters.  Director Coleman has indicated that it is her intent to open ponds and sloughs in the northern section of the Park to waterfowl hunting before the end of 2010, and is pursuing their reclassification from “Park” to “State Recreation Area.” To send a letter opposing the reclassification, click here