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Thanks to Everyone Who Supported EPIC’s Annual Dinner

The Environmental Protection Information Center celebrated 33 years of advocacy work on the Northcoast November 5, when hundreds gathered at the Mateel Community Center to dine, dance and participate in EPIC’s annual membership meeting.  As a highlight to the evening, the 2010 Sempervirens Award was presented to Richard Gienger for lasting achievement in environmental advocacy.  Gienger’s work includes over 35 years working to effectively protect and restore the forests and watersheds in Sinkyone and beyond.

In addition to receiving EPIC’s highest honor, Gienger was also presented a unanimous Humboldt County Supervisors’ resolution, honoring his work. The Supervisors’ resolution thanked Gienger for his “tireless work to protect and restore our environment for the benefit of all species, human and otherwise, that depend upon it.” With authentic sentimentality, Gienger received the awards and presented a characteristic and humble speech of gratitude. Also during the awards ceremony, Susan Nolan was granted the 2010 Volunteer Award, for her “considerable energies, keen insight, and deep knowledge of persistent environmental issues to the Herculean task of reordering EPIC’s files.” A program report during dinner let EPIC supporters know about all four major program areas, including Clean Water, Biodiversity Protection, Public Lands Advocacy and Industrial Forestry Reform.

Kimberly Baker, EPIC’s National Forest Advocate reported on this year’s effective work, including the protection of thousands of acres of old growth forest stands across four National Forests and EPIC’s ongoing participation in collaborative, interagency and Tribal planning processes. Rob DiPerna, EPIC’s Industrial Forestry Reform specialist, reported the ongoing and strategic monitoring of logging operations and wildlife management strategies on privately owned timberlands.   To view the slideshow presented at the event, please visit


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