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Thank You for Supporting 40 Years of Forest Defense!

The staff and board of the Environmental Protection Information Center would like to thank all of the attendees, businesses, sponsors, volunteers and artists who helped make the 40th Anniversary Fall Celebration a fun and successful event! Each year we look forward to this EPIC reunion where we can visit with people who make up the heart and soul of the redwood region’s environmental movement. The legacy that the EPIC community has made lives on through generations of grassroots activists and continues with the vibrant new energy of those who seek our efforts out to help keep our little corner of California the special place that we all know and love. Attendees included past and current staff, board, volunteers, colleagues, Sempervirens Award winners, and fresh new faces eager to participate in the contemporary environmental movement.

Judi Bari, Sempervirens Lifetime Achievement for Environmental Activism Award Winner

We were honored that Alicia Littletree, Dennis Cunningham, Priscilla Hunter, Polly Girvin and Darryl Cherney gave such eloquent and heartening accounts through spoken word and songs of Judi’s activism and efforts that helped build the Redwood Summer environmental movement that led to the protection of Headwaters Forest. Judi is an inspiration to us all! Considering today’s political climate and continued destruction of the Earth, nonviolent grassroots activism is as crucial as ever. Judi believed that “You cannot seriously address the destruction of the wilderness without addressing the society that is destroying it.” Over 20 years later, this analysis remains true – and is a conversation we should continue with future activists. Honoring Judi is a means to remembering the unity of the Redwood Summer – the fight for not just our environment, but for all those living within it.

Molly Gilmore, Volunteer of the Year

This year Dian Griffith will be leaving the EPIC Board after putting in over a decade of work, we thought it was appropriate to name our volunteer award the Dian Griffith Volunteer of the year award in honor of her hard work and dedication. It was with great pleasure to recognize Molly Gillmore for her ongoing dedication to environmental protection through her volunteer work with EPIC throughout the past year. Molly is a pleasure to have in the office and out in the field, with her positive outlook and cheery personality, she flawlessly handles just about every task we have asked of her. Thanks to Molly for showing up and being motivated to get stuff done, its people like her who make this organization possible!

Business, Artist and Sponsors

A huge thank you goes out to all of the businesses and artists who contributed to the silent auction, dinner, and refreshments, it definitely takes a village to pull this event off! Sincere appreciation to Mad River Brewery, Redway Liquors, Pacific Seafoods, Pocket of Posies flower Shop, Bubbles, Ramones, Wildberries Marketplace, CO-OP, Garberville Community Park, Arcata Exchange, Humboldt Distillery, Jason Lopiccolo, Pen + Pine, Joann Kelly Catsos, Chautaqua Natural Foods, Lagunitas Brewery, Disneyland, Bead Mask, Tot Mocs, Humboldt Spice Co., Mark Henson, Sierra Martin, Redwood Empire Golf & Country Club, Driftwood Designs, Hubb Caps, Myrtletown Healing Center, Endless Jewelry, Stone Leaf Jewelry, Mitra Abidi, Belle Star, Adams Ranch Olives, Flaming Pearl, Mystic Fables, Baby MaMa, Barb’s Designs, Julia Garretson, Oala Khast, Jo Stafinbil, James DeRoso, Ogres by Jam, Sprout, Marilyn Haber, Ragged Thistle, Jewell Distillery, Deja Vux Jewlery, Signature Coffee, Dias Artistry, Patagonia, Nothing Obvious, Fire Lily Ceramics, Organic Attire, Hisel Pottery, Cool Shoe, Godwit Days, Meagan Meadows, Norma Mounce, Laser Trees, Matt Jones Art, SeaPod, Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, Arcata Core Pilates, Hoot and a Holler, Kats Creation, Dandelion Herbal Center, Foodwise Kitchen, Benbow Historic Inn, Humboldt Bay Social Club, The Minor Theater, Nieves, Loise’s Finishing Salts, Plum Blossom Farm, Fungaia Farm, Witch in the Woods, Peter Martin, Tony Sylvaggio, Tom Preble, Virginia Bass, Dani Burkhart, Allen McCloskey, Sungnome Madrone, Compliant Farms, Humboldt County Growers Alliance, Heartwood Institute, Spirit Door Creations, Gypsy and Loud, Red Zola, Synergy, Funshine Daydream, and to Peter, Wyatt, Thomas Dunklin, Nate Madsen, Noah Levy, Mark Harris, Rob of the Redwoods, Turtle River Design, Hal Glick, K. Rudin and the Wheeler and Villalobos family for generously donating rentals and resort accommodations.

Dinner and Music

We have great appreciation for the bands for their contributions that made this another successful EPIC event! Casey Neill and the Norway Rats and Alice DiMicele rocked the house, keeping people on the dancefloor into the wee hours of the morning, and thanks to Joanne Rand for setting the tone with her heartfelt songs, and to Robin Krauss and Rob Siefert for handling the lights and sound. We are also very grateful to Sue Moloney and Sue’s Organics kitchen crew for preparing the gourmet, organic, locally-sourced meal that we were able to share while we dined and laughed with our colleagues, friends and the EPIC Community.


Thank you to Sue Moloney for rounding up and cooking our delicious dinner, Duff and Julian for kicking butt on the dishes, Michael McKaskle for holding down the kitchen, Molly, Bella, and Jenna for coordinating the Silent Auction, Shawnee Alexandri for hauling all the rental items, setup and cleanup, Deja for helping setup, bartend and cleanup, Emily and Serenity Wood for holding down the front entry tickets, Mitra, Tony, Anne, Morgan, and Rob Fishman for managing the bar, Tryphena for hospitality and supplies, Casey, Emily and Matt for helping create our adorable pinecone owl centerpieces, Bruce and Shohei for their assistance in arranging the table decorations, and Adam, Lexi, and Dan and Abbey for lending a hand from start to finish!

This year, Vidu documented the event with his amazing video and photography skills. Thank you Vidu! Click here to check out EPIC photos from the event.


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