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Thank You for EPIC Fall Celebration

Thank You to Everyone Who Supported EPIC’s 35th Anniversary Fall Celebration–It was a huge success!

On Friday, November 2, the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) celebrated 35 years of advocacy for wild forests and endangered species on the North Coast of California. Several hundred EPIC members and community supporters gathered within the warm embrace of the Mateel Community Center to dine, dance, and celebrate.

As a highlight to the evening, the 2012 Richard Gienger Sempervirens Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Rick Klein for his lasting contributions in environmental advocacy. Rick was one of the first of his generation to articulate the imperative of protecting ancient forests and has long been at the forefront of conservation innovation within our community. After years of key contributions to environmental defense at home in the Redwood Region of California, he helped found the seminal global temperate rainforest protection organization, Ancient Forest International.

Also, during the awards ceremony, Tryphena Lewis, and Ella Shelton were granted the 2012 Volunteer Awards for their dedication to environmental protection. Tryphena for her inspired perspective and eye for party planning; and Ella for her determination to make a difference in the world—thank you! We feel your positive influence on the organization everyday!

We want to extend a huge thank you to Tryphena Lewis and all of her volunteer kitchen staff for preparing a delicious Indian feast for nearly 200 people!

The music of the evening was tremendous! Vancouver-based Delhi 2 Dublin Turned up the Stereo with their non-stop world beat energy creating a multi-cultural dance celebration. Where else could you have seen an amazing fiddle player rocking out with a two bouncing Bhangra percussionists and a vocalist who looks like he would be at home in a Bollywood music video other than the Mateel? If you missed them at last weekend’s event you’ll have to wait until next year’s festival season to see them!

Thank you to all of the businesses and artisans that support EPIC: 3Fold-Good Karma, Abraxas, Amanda Steinebach, Anna’s Haute Aprons, Alirose, Arcata Core Pilates, Arcata Exchange, Arcata Holistic Health Center, Baroni Designs, Batty Bats, Bayside Roasters, Bead Mask, Bead Supply, Belle Star, Benbow Inn, Beneficial Tea Company, Blessed Lotus, Bohemian Mermaid, Brian Allison Photographer, Bubbles, By Nieves, Cada Johnson, Catlin Blair Harvey, Caravan of Dreams, Carey West, Chakra Nation Hoopers, Chatauqua, Goldenspirits, Coming Attraction Theatres, Cool Shoes, Danielle Donaldson, Dell’arte, Earnest Efforts, Earth Stones, Elka Herbals, Eureka Natural Foods, Fantasy Lane Copper Fairies, Far North Climbing Gym, Fire and Light, Fire Arts Center, Frey Vineyards, Glass Station, Global Village Gallery, Golden Bee Candle Works, Good Relations, Greta Montagne, Guinevere’s Candles, Harbin Hot Springs, Harmonic Botanicals, Hempress Arise, Holly Yashi, Humboldt Connection, Humboldt Glassblowers, Hyampom Valley Soap, Isara Designs, Jackson Threads, Joyce Jonte, Libation, Lagunitas Brewery, Lost Coast Brewery, Lost Coast Communications, KMUD: Redwood Community Radio, Mad River Brewery, Mark Hensen, Mark Young Cermamic, McKinleyville Central Market, Michelle Palazzo, Mitch Deadrick Pottery, Monica Star, Moonrise Herbs, Morning Star, Northtown Books, Northcoast Co-Op, Northcoast Journal, Ohana Organics, Oregon Flavor Rack, Orr Hot Springs, Pacific Paradise, Peace Chain Joe, Pierson’s Building Center, Polar Babies, Practical Rabbit, Radtke, Ray Storch, Ray’s Food Place, Redway Feed, Rise Designs, Roland Leprin, Roundtuit Spoonz, Russ Clanton Attorney, Shaw House B&B, Shop Smart, Signature Coffee, Simply Macintosh, Soul to Soul Foot Bar, Sprout Kids, Starseed Solar Graphics, Stone Fever, Susan Nolan, Sylvia DeRoy, Tami Sionx, Thimbleberry Threads, Traci Rain Attorney, Trumbly Designs, Veronica Flora, Violet Green Winery, Waxing Moon Batiks, Welldunn Illustrations, Wildberries Marketplace, Wild Oak, Woodrose Café, and Yea Yeah Pony.

Please consider these businesses when you are making choices about supporting sustainability in your community! The generosity of these companies in supporting our organization is invaluable to our being able to do the work that we do, THANK YOU!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who made the night possible: Rob Fishman, Joe Metzger, Laurel Hoffman, Jeffrey Hinton, Jemma Williams, Mitra Abidi, Stephen Luther, Sara March, Jeri Fergus, Cassandra Amos, Tuan Moondy, Resha Reneu, Ben Adams, Gabriel Salazar and Star Malandro.

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of EPIC, THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who helped make our 35th Anniversary Fall Celebration a total success. It really was a firecracker of a party! Watch for our schedule of events for 2013, we will be sure to get everyone together again to celebrate our Wild California!


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