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Take Action To Support The Tolowa Dee-ni’ And A Clean Smith River!

The heart of the Tolowa Dee-ni’s ancestral territory, a property known as Reservation Ranch, was stolen from the Tolowa. Over 150 years of mismanagement has left the property abused and degraded. The details of this degradation are ghastly, from the filling of tidal sloughs with manure to damming estuarine salmon habitat for use as freshwater irrigation ponds.

You can review the charges on our past blog post here. We’ve asked for your help before to encourage the state to prosecute the environmental crimes that occured and were ongoing. We are happy to report that the Coastal Commission has come to a consent decree with the property owner that will result in some important remediation of the property.

The agreement, while a step in the right direction, can be improved. Tell the Coastal Commission that you support the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation and a clean Smith River.

Act now to support the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation's efforts by signing below!


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