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Take Action to Protect Wolves

Photo by Allen Daniels shows OR7, the young male wolf that has wandered hundreds of miles across Oregon and Northern California.

Pacific Northwest Wolf recovery is just beginning, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is deliberating the proposed removal of nearly all federal Endangered Species Act protections for all gray wolves in the lower 48 states. Without federal protection recovery efforts in the Pacific Northwest would be nearly impossible.

Do you remember OR-7 (Journey), the iconic wolf who traveled over 1,000 miles from eastern Oregon to northern California to become the state’s first wolf in over 80 years? Without federal protections, and no certainty of state protections, Journey may have a target on his back.

In Idaho, Wyoming and Montana more than 800 wolves have been killed, gunned down and trapped since wolf management decisions were turned over to the states.

The long-term viability of wolves in the western states is in jeopardy!

Wolves Delisted: * Idaho: April 2011 * Montana: April 2011 * Wyoming: September 30, 2012

Latest Posted Idaho Wolf Hunt Kill total: 116 Latest Posted Idaho Wolf Trapping Kill total: 7 Latest Posted Montana Wolf Hunt Kill Total: 92 Wyoming Wolf Kill Total: 58 Western Regional Total Reported Killed This Year: 273 Western Regional Total Reported Killed Since Delisting: 818 Current Known Population of Wolves in the Pacific Northwest: Washington State: 27 wolves Oregon: 59 wolves California: 1 wolf Please take action and share it with your friends, demand that wolves retain the federal protection they need to ensure their recovery in the wild.


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