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Take Action For the Love of Wild Nature ♥

Take Action Now ♥ Save the Siskiyou 1 Roadless Area

300 acres of native forest in the Siskiyou 1 Roadless Area is threatened with road building and logging.  The Crawford Timber Sale on the Klamath National Forest (KNF) is located in one of the largest unroaded low elevation areas remaining on the Forest.  This vital wildlife connectivity corridor links the Marble Mountain and Siskiyou Wilderness Areas.

With a likely to adversely affect determination for the Northern Spotted Owls the KNF is now preparing an Environmental Impact Statement. Not only would tractor logging destroy the untouched nature of these stands it would also degrade and remove essential habitat for owls, fishers and multiple other plants and animals that depend on older forests with dense canopy cover.

In the rapidly changing climate these low elevation north facing forest slopes are increasingly important by providing cool and moist microclimates they are areas of refuge for both plant and animal species.

The Forest Service reasoning for the Crawford Timber Sale is to improve forest health and biological diversity and also to extract forest products. As in most timber sales on our national forest, the project would be damaging to forest health and biodiversity, with taxpayers footing the bill for corporate timber profits at the expense of wildlands and wildlife.


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