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Redistricting Update

In July and August, we asked you, our members, to weigh in on the state’s redistricting efforts to preserve the North Coast in future state and federal legislative districts. You turned out in droves and let the Citizen Redistricting Commission hear that the North Coast has unique issues that are best served when our voices are together. Check out our old blog posts to get back up to speed.

What’s next? Later this month, final census data will be given to the Citizen Redistricting Commission and the Citizen Redistricting Commission will meet to provide direction to staff about how districts should be drawn. The Commission will complete draft maps sometime between November and December and will solicit public comment on the draft maps. In December and January, the Commission will revise the draft maps based on public comment. Finally, likely in early February, the Commission will release the final maps.

Meanwhile in Humboldt County, the Board of Supervisors appointed a Redistricting Advisory Committee that will begin soliciting comments on “communities of interest” in Humboldt County. The Committee will work to create a recommended map for the Supervisoral districts for approval by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. Initial census results show that some modifications to the existing maps are necessary, with the majority of population gains in the county centered around Arcata/McKinleyville. Do you have any thoughts on what EPIC should advocate for in county redistricting? (For example, do you want to see a “true SoHum” district, instead of the split between the First and Second Districts?) Email Tom at


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