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Protect California’s Spotted Owls and Ancient Forests

Take action to protect Northern Spotted Owls today. This iconic species is of significant importance because they are vital indicators of forest diversity. Their presence in a forest is a gauge of the health of the habitat, and if their habitat is protected, the greater old-growth ecosystem is also preserved. Northern Spotted Owls are being pushed to the brink of extinction from all directions: most of their habitat and population has been destroyed by industrial logging operations, individuals in remaining nesting sites are preyed on and driven away by aggressive and invasive barred owls, and now they are dying from rat poison used around illegal pot plantations that are found sprouting up on California’s public wild lands.

Dwindling populations and rapid habitat loss have resulted in an immediate need for protections under the Endangered Species Act in order for Northern Spotted Owls to recover.  EPIC is asking the California Fish and Game Commission to vote to protect the Spotted Owl and to conduct a full status review of the species at their August 7th meeting.  This is the next step to listing the Northern Spotted Owls under the California Endangered Species Act, which would result in a long overdue protection status in the state of California.

Please click here to take action. Tell the California Fish and Game Commission that Northern Spotted Owls need to be protected under the Endangered Species Act so that we can preserve them and the unique ancient forests they depend on.


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