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Host an EPIC House Party!

 You provide the people, food, and drinks, and we’ll provide the conversation! We are passionate about our work defending the forests and wildlife of California’s northwest corner. Let us tell you about what we do and how you can engage in conservation work. Here’s how it works: You invite your friends, supply some hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and we will present on a topic of your choosing. All of this for free! (We’ll just pass the hat at the end of the night, if you don’t mind.) Your friends and guests will appreciate the incisive perspective of our staff of policy wonks and science nerds. We travel to you. From Sonoma to Siskiyou County, we will come to where you call home. We can present about the following topics (and more!): • Updating and strengthening the Northwest Forest Plan and stopping industrial logging on our public lands. • Preventing species extinction in the age of the Anthropocene. • Reforming industrial forestry to sequester more carbon. • How to comment on timber harvest plans (THPs) • Commenting on federal timber sales • Reforming California’s cannabis industry Curious about something else? Just ask! If you are interest, please email Tom Wheeler at


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