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EPIC Takes on Logging Pollution at the U.S. Supreme Court

On October 23, 2012, EPIC joined conservation allies in filing an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court in a case involving pollution from logging roads.  In this long running battle over logging pollution that chokes streams and salmon, EPIC has been at the forefront in advancing the law.  Nearly a decade ago, EPIC successfully EPIC successfully enforced the Clean Water Act against the Pacific Lumber Company in Bear Creek, a tributary of the Eel River.

In this latest episode, EPIC is supporting allies in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies in their fight against logging pollution.  The Northwest Environmental Defense Center represented by the Washington Forest Law Center, following EPIC’s legal precedent, was successful in enforcing the Clean Water Act against the State of Oregon.  The State and the timber industry appealed the decision to Supreme Court.  The stakes are high, and the decision from the Supreme Court will have far reaching implications about whether logging road pollution will finally be sufficiently addressed.  In addition, there is an ongoing rulemaking proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency where EPIC again joined allies in submitting powerful comments.

EPIC is represented by attorneys Sharon Duggan and Mike Lozeau.  EPIC was joined by the Sierra Club, Waterkeeper Alliance, Wildlands CPR, Alliance for Wild Rockies, Rogue Riverkeeper and Puget Soundkeeper Alliance.


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