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Double Your Donation on #GivingTuesday!

Giving Tuesday is the annual celebration of charitable giving. This year, core EPIC members have decided to DOUBLE all donations made on November 27.

Mark your calendars to maximize your gifts by donating to EPIC’s #GivingTuesday Matching Fund! All donations from Giving Tuesday will go to fund EPIC’s Biodiversity Defense program.

Our work to protect the cute but ferocious Humboldt marten is heating up!

In just the last year, EPIC:

  1. Petitioned Oregon to ban marten trapping

  2. Successfully listed the species in

  3. Sued USFWS—and won!—for their failure to protect the marten, resulting in a new draft decision that proposes new protections for the marten.

More is on the way (but I can’t say what just yet.) All of this work is made possible by your generosity.


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